A Kenyan woman with a powerful ministry

​​Jacinta Mulwa is a Kenyan artisan that E3 Kids has been working with for several years.  In addition to being an skilled artisan, Jacinta also started an incredible ministry called Daughters of Abraham, which is specifically geared towards empowering Muslim women in Kenya.
Jacinta has served as a local missionary in Kenya for 31 years and, since 2006, she has put an extensive amount of her focus on Muslim evangelism. Jacinta  started her ministry by getting together a group of women from different churches and backgrounds to focus on reaching oppressed Muslim women. The group does this by simply showing these women the love of Christ and her ultimate goal is to eventually extend that same love to Muslim men. The group meets twice a month and travels door to door in surrounding Muslim neighborhoods to spend time with the residents. Daughters of Abraham also offers training to churches and schools in the area so that their ministry may grow. Jacinta genuinely cares for each of the women that she meets with and reminds them of their great potential and strength. The way in which Jacinta expresses her profound dedication to her ministry is truly inspiring.

Jacinta’s major focus is to train and employ Muslim women while also ministering to them. A great amount of the women come from challenging backgrounds so to help alleviate their situations, they learn how to hand-stitch and sew beautiful fabric bags. During their time together, Jacinta is able to effectively share Christ’s love with them while also teaching them a skill which they can use both in their day-to-day life and also for employment. You can see the products Jacinta and the women she works with on our Etsy shop page.

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