e3kids and Cornerstone Life Academy team up to help students in Kenya

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By: Lena Berrios |  December 8, 2019

Students in Virginia are using this fun lunch time fundraiser to connect with kids in Kenya. They raise support to provide for the basic needs of other kids half way around the globe. For many years, Fredericksburg Christian School has held this event 3-4 times each school year and raised thousands of dollars of support. Each student pays $5 to receive a non-wardrobe school day and a hot dog lunch with chips, an apple, a drink and cookie. Participants also receive a bookmark with a photograph and message from a Kenyan student. All proceeds are donated to e3kids international to raise support for the Royal Kids School in Mombasa, Kenya. When Cornerstone Life Academy in Stafford learned about the needs of Kenyan students, they joined the effort and have had 100% student participation ever since.

“E3kids is an amazing organization that impacts more than just the children and families they serve,” Principal Laura Howell said.

Just $40 can be the difference between a child in Kenya having the opportunity to go to school or not. When American students raise support, every $1 provides 2 hot meals and helps to cover the costs of school supplies, books and uniforms. This support is critical to enable Kenyan kids to enroll and stay in school.

“The students at Cornerstone Life Academy, through Hot Diggity Dog, have learned about the students attending Royal Kids School and the needs of those children who are from another country, yet are in their same age group,” Howell mentioned. “Something as simple as a hotdog lunch has inspired our students to become excited about wanting to help other children.”

School groups and organizations of any size can organize a “Hot Diggity Dog” event to have fun and fellowship while raising support for critical needs. e3kids international can provide full-color bookmarks and tips for making your event a great success.

Kids helping kids instills a heart of service and Hot Diggity Dog events help e3kids international equip, empower and educate impoverished youth from developing nations.

The kids enjoying a hot dog lunch.

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