Empowering local artisans in Mombasa

A normal day at Shanzu is spent in class from 8am to 4pm.

Shanzu Transitional Workshop

e3kids strives to empower local artisans around Mombasa, Kenya who invest in women and children’s lives.

Shanzu is a skills training workshop that builds confidence and promotes independence for disabled young women near Mombasa. These women were used by their families to panhandle for income. Through Shanzu, trainees learn to be independent including how to cook, clean, wash, handle money, and budget for their needs.

Along with training for a tailoring certification, the two year program includes business, production, computer skills, record keeping, good farming practices, and HIV/AIDS education. In this way, women who are regarded as a burden to society develop skills and self-esteem such that they can provide for themselves.

Shanzu’s work in giving disabled women self-worth and dignity is truly awe-inspiring. e3kids empowers these young women further by purchasing at fair trade the high quality products they have made. Then, e3kids sells the Shanzu products in the US to earn money to fund students’ education at Royal Kids School in Mikindani, Kenya.

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The workshop is a two year program during which the women gain the skills to pass the trade certification.

Mary has completed the two year program and is a master seamstress, working on the production line for several years and now works for herself in her hometown.

They are paid a small monthly allowance and a share of the profits when their work is sold.

Shanzu builds confidence in women as they find value in themselves and gain skills to be independent in a society that does not embrace people with disabilities.

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