Changing lives for Guatemalans


With your help, we hope to give every child hope, health, and love.

-Julie Jacquez, Guatemala Missions Coordinator


Supporting relief, food/hygiene, and medical treatment

e3kids international engages in several capacities in Guatemala: supporting mission trips, distributing food bags and hygiene kits, and healing through pop-up medical clinics.

We partner with Hope of Life International, a ministry located in Zacapa, Guatemala. Our team works alongside the long-term missionaries. Our teams offer relief assistance to children and their families who were previously rescued and cared for at the Hope of Life Campus. Establishing ground support and constantly assessing needs is part of our mission -- equipping and empowering Guatemalans to reach the vision that God has placed on their hearts.

Hope of Life supports children who have been abandoned, forgotten, or orphaned.

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Safe Haven Village is a small community on the Hope of Life campus that cares for some of these children. Through the dedicated sacrifice and support of carefully selected American families, we help these children to thrive though the care of houseparents who are committed to their successful growth -- both physically and spiritually.

We deliver food bags and hygiene kits, along with providing hygiene education and pop-up medical clinics to nearby impoverished villages. To maintain our promises, we routinely check-in on the families we support to foster a healthy and open relationship between the missionaries and community members.

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Who leads this project?

Julie Jacquez

Guatemala Missions Coordinator

Since she can remember, Julia has had a heart for the world and always enjoyed traveling. God turned that love for travel into a purpose 8 years ago when she went on her first mission trip. She is dedicated to advocating for the people of Guatemala and developing short-term mission team members to bring aid to those serving daily on the ground.

[email protected]

Progress and goals


Our team focuses on coming alongside the long-term missionaries with which we have built relationships. The objective is to offer relief assistance to children and their families who were previously rescued and cared for at the Hope of Life Campus.

Our desire is to come alongside the long term missionaries on the ground to equip and empower them to reach the vision that God has placed on their hearts. We deliver food bags and hygiene kits along with providing hygiene education to impoverished villages. Routinely checking in on these families maintains the relationship between the missionaries and community members.


  • Developed relationships with neighboring villages by delivering food bags
  • Hosted a medical clinic in January 2019
  • Connected orphaned children either with extended family or in a blended family scenario


Short term goals for 2019

  • Chicken coop with chickens and goat
  • Clotheslines for families in family style orphan care
  • Hygiene education

Long-term goals

  • Continue delivering food bags to rural villages to begin building and strengthen current connections with the community
  • Conduct a full medical clinic with hygiene education twice a year and educate how to relieve the challenges of illness. Information on proper nutrition is also distributed.
  • Begin the planning for a library to provide the children with a more advanced learning
  • Build a chicken coop and provide a goat for a family we have previously taken care of to provide a consistent meal source
  • Provide assistance alongside long-term missionaries addressing any other needs that may arise


Just $15 provides an individual hygiene kit which contains toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, band aids, tissues, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, a razor, shaving cream, and feminine products. These hygiene kits help to emphasize the importance of hygiene practices, which is a major step to preventing diseases and illnesses.

The food bags contain corn, beans, rice, cereal, sugar and enzyme packets. The food bags help to provide another source of nutrition to these impoverished areas. $25 provides a food bag for a needy family.

While on our mission trips, we continue to provide hygiene kits and food bags to families in an extremely impoverished village.


  • Delivered 40 hygiene kits to 20 families
  • Delivered 20 food bags to 20 families


  • Team food bags for community outreach
  • For each short term mission trip that e3kids takes, we hope to provide hygiene kits and food bags to impoverished families.


A team of volunteers, including doctors from America and Guatemala, run a biannual medical clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to provide preventative medications and treatments for the needs of people in a rural steep village of southeastern Guatemala. Through the medical clinic, we provide hygiene education and information on proper nutrition.

The team believes that offering life sustaining medical treatment to the suffering will open the door for our team to share the gospel and the message of hope.


  • Provided preventative medications and treatments for the needs of people in a rural mountainous village of southeastern Guatemala
  • Assisted in the rescue of severely ill woman
  • Began a relationship with the village leaders and people
  • Provided hygiene education


  • Provide preventative treatments along with follow-up medical care and build deeper relationships with the village of La Union
  • Offer a full medical clinic semi-annually  (every six months)
  • Offer nutrition and hygiene classes to educate the importance of proper water sanitation, waste disposal, and hand washing

How you can help:

  1. Give generously below or at
  2. Start a fundraiser. Raise awareness and help eliminate life threatening illness caused by contaminated water through various fundraisers.
  3. Spread the need for medical personnel and encourage them to join our team, we would love to have them!
  4. Donate our needed medications
  5. Sign up to go on a mission trip.
  6. Donate supplies (contact Julie for needed items)
  7. Follow our instagram!

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