Guatemala: mission trips

Support Through Mission Trips

About This Project

e3kids partners with Hope of Life International, a ministry located in Zacapa, Guatemala. Our team focuses on coming alongside the long-term missionaries with which we have built relationships. The objective is to offer relief assistance to children and their families who were previously rescued and cared for at the Hope of Life Campus.

Our desire is to come alongside the long term missionaries on the ground to equip and empower them to reach the vision that God has placed on their hearts. We deliver food bags and hygiene kits along with providing hygiene education to impoverished villages. Routinely checking in on these families maintains the relationship between the missionaries and community members.

Who leads this project?

Julie Jacquez

Project Lead

[email protected]

What have we done so far?

  • Developed relationships with neighboring villages by delivering food bags
  • Hosted a medical clinic in January 2019
  • Connected orphaned children either with extended family or in a blended family scenario

Upcoming Projects - August 2019

  • Chicken coop with chickens and goat
  • Clotheslines for families in family style orphan care
  • Hygiene education

What do we hope to do?

  • Continue delivering food bags to rural villages to begin building and strengthen current connections with the community
  • Conduct a full medical clinic with hygiene education twice a year and educate how to relieve the challenges of illness. Information on proper nutrition is also distributed.
  • Begin the planning for a library to provide the children with a more advanced learning
  • Build a chicken coop and provide a goat for a family we have previously taken care of to provide a consistent meal source
  • Provide assistance alongside long-term missionaries addressing any other needs that may arise

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