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How we share our love and care

e3kids sends small mission teams to work with partnering schools near Mombasa, Kenya, creating change for vulnerable students and their communities affected by severe poverty and lack of access to clean water. Teams provide educational opportunities to teachers and students through classroom training and supplement with educational resources.

Teaching teams consist of current and retired teachers. These teams will share proven classroom strategies and techniques. They will create lessons that will be meaningful to the needs of the children at Royal Kids School.

Teams have the opportunity for community involvement with local churches currently working in the four slums surrounding the schools by providing food, medical support, encouragement, and hope.

Learning Swahili, sightseeing in Mombasa, and the opportunity to experience Kenya’s beauty and rich culture on a safari are also built into each trip.

e3kids also welcomes families and non-teaching teams throughout the year. Typical team travel is February/March and June/July time frames.

What is our goal?

e3kids international equips schools with essential resources, educates impoverished and vulnerable youth, and empowers those who are mission-minded to trust God's leading in changing the world through e3kids. Many lives have already been transformed in Kenya and in the United States! Be prepared to change lives while having a life changing experience yourself!

Who leads this project?

Maria Lippart

Kenyan Mission Team Leader

Maria Lippart will be leading the teacher team. She is a certified teacher in Virginia. She has been a part of teacher training in other countries as well as teaching in the United States since 1994. She is passionate about education so that young people can feel empowered to become who they are destined to become. By getting an education, children’s eyes are opened to the world and its diversity.

Carol Turner

Kenya Missions Coordinator

Carol Turner coordinates all teams going to minister at Royal Kids School, Kenya. She has led multiple teams over the past 10 years. She is passionate with helping each individual team member’s calling and giving them the opportunity to live it out by serving the partnering schools and their communities in Kenya.


What have we done so far?

  • Classroom supplemented with educational resources
  • Revamping classrooms and creating better learning environments.
  • Built community relations surrounding school campuses
  • Equipped science labs, libraries, computers, and other resources to empower the school to educate their students
  • Hosting teachers’ conferences and educational trainings.
  • Transformation of lives from hundreds of team members pouring into the lives of vulnerable youths, bringing lasting change.

Medical mission team prepares for Guatemala trip

Seven medical missionaries work in remote villages in Guatemala


A Kenyan woman with a powerful ministry

Not only a skilled artisan, Jacinta started an incredible ministry called Daughters of Abraham, which is specifically geared towards empowering Muslim women in Kenya.


What do we hope to do?

Team 1: February/March 2019

    • February Mission Team (4 x $2,000) $8,000
    • Team food bags for community outreach ($15 x 10 families) $150

Team 2: June/July 2019

    • Summer Team Missionaries outreach support (team of 10 x $2,500 - $3,000) $25,000 - $30,000
    • Providing educational resources for each classroom, such as chalk boards, painting, school supplies and posters (2 schools x 12 classrooms @ $300 each)  $7200
    • Team food bags for community outreach ($15 x 30 families) $450


  • Mission Team June 2020
    • Team of 6 will train and teach at Royal Kids School $3000 each
    • Lead a women's conference in Bangladesh
    • Train women to lead bible studies "Fearless" by Angela Donadio
    • Deliver Food and Hygiene Bags to Families in the surround slums
    • Food Bags 50 x $25 = $1250

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