Rallying community involvement

e3kids believes that it’s imperative to look for opportunities to give. But, we must do more than just give — we must love and care.

- Carol Turner, Founder and Executive Director, e3kids


Donating time to engage others

e3kids' passion is to educate people in the U. S. to the common struggles that exist in developing countries with people their age. Helping others discover a vision of becoming a "world changer" is the perfect way to increase involvement, and make lasting change in the lives of vulnerable kids at Royal Kids School, Kenya. Therefore, e3kids works with schools and organizations to custom fit a project that address real needs they can work towards changing. We desire to impact both sides of the project by supply a hands-on component everyone can to get behind.

Empowering Girls

A new project is on the horizon, The Paul Schadek Sewing Academy!  Join us in launching a sewing school, in July 2019 for girl at Royal Kids School in Mikindani Kenya.  In July JoEllen Schedak will build a sewing school from the ground up.  Be apart of empowering young ladies as they learn life skills that will support themselves and their families! To learn more or to see how you or your organization can be a part email JoEllen at pjschadek@yahoo.com.

Saving Lives: Clean Safe Water

e3kids continues to build our Water Project! The water beads have a double impact in the lives of kids on both sides of the water project.  The U.S. students have the chance to string and create beaded  bracelets with 100 % recycled beads hand crafted by single mothers and young school girls in Kenya.  The finished bracelets are then sold by students. As a result, the funds raised provide water filtration systems for families attending Royal Kids School. Each bracelet sold not only promotes education for Kenyan girls but also provides 200,000 gallons toward the million gallon Uzima Water Filter bucket System.  When 5 bracelets are sold, a filtration system can be purchased for a needy family.

e3kids strives to empower students in the U.S. to serve others with purpose by educating them on issues that 75% of the kids living in severe poverty face on a daily basis, and giving them a practical way to equip others by making positive, lasting changes for those less fortunate.

What do children learn by contributing to the project?

Serving a purpose greater than ourselves.

  • During the learning phase you are informed about the effects of  contaminated water on the health of an individual, the school body and the community. For instance, sadly 3100 children under the age of five die each year in Kenya from the contaminated water. This is easily preventable!
  • The students are taught about children unable to obtain an education because of the lack of financial resources.  As a result,  a mere $40 keeps kids from going to school.  A family living in extreme poverty makes less than $2 a day, making school unobtainable for their children.

Promoting change & serving others.

  • During the action phase of the project, students or groups come together to string the Kenyan paper beads into beautiful bracelets.  After that, they sell the bracelets to raise funds for The Water Project. Goals are set by the groups, so they can make a life-changing difference for families at Royal Kids School. U.S. groups are changing lives by bringing healing and health through providing clean, palatable water.

The impact made, and becoming a lifelong world changer.

  • e3kids shares results through pictures, video, sharing life-changing stories, and reporting on the number of people impacted through the groups actions.  The group's efforts are changing the lives of Kenyan students and families for the better! We need more world changers, will you join us?

Who leads this project?

Shannon Ellis

Crafting Component Lead

Carol Turner

Education Component Lead


What have we done so far?

  • Partnered with Fredericksburg Christian Middle School
  •  Empowering students at Mary Washington University
  • Partnered with Virginia-area church groups
  • Feb/March 2019 120 water filtration systems distributed at Royal Kids School
  • June 2018, 150 systems were distributed to teachers and the most vulnerable aged children’s families
  • July 2019, Implement a new sewing school at Royal Kids School

What do we hope to do?

  • Goal: to provide a Uzima Water Bucket Filtration system to each family attending Royal Kids School. Approximately 300- 350 more systems needed. (Required amount: $19,500 - $22,750)

How can I help?

  • Give generously
    • *Bring valuable clean safe water to families in Kenya.
    • *Help build the sewing school classrooms
  • Get involved individually or start a group project to bring lasting change. e3kids helps you or your organization design a life changing project to have a global impact.
  • Start a fundraiser. Raise awareness and help eliminate life threating illness caused by contaminated water through various fundraisers. e3kids helps you design your life saving fundraiser.
  • Buy Water Bead Bracelets on Etsy. Every 5 bracelets = 1 life changing filter system and sanitation training for a family in Kenya. 1M gallons of clean water for 10 years.
  • Contact us at Carolt@e3kids.com or pjschadek@yahoo.com  for more information on how you can be a world changer!

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