About Us

We are a U.S. based non-profit organization with a global-impact. We focus on kids and education, supporting schools, libraries, orphan care and clean water projects in Africa and Central America.

Partnering with locals in Kenya and Guatemala, we find community-based solutions to equip, empower and educate youth to overcome extreme poverty. We also promote cross-cultural service learning through school outreach, missions and volunteerism.

The story of e3kids.

You never know when you meet someone how your life will be forever changed. Two such people, for me, were Grace and Ngao Mazira. Two Kenyan born missionaries who started a school near Mombassa, Kenya in the year 2000. I met them in 2007, and their school was thriving. They were in the United States for a conference when we first met, at Fredericksburg Christian School’s beginning of the year retreat. Grace was my bunk mate. We began talking about my passion and heart towards missions, and something I had not been able to do because I was busy raising a family. But God was stirring in my heart something bigger, and I had no idea it would take the shape of a partnership with Grace just a few years later.

My husband, Rob, and I started financially and prayerfully supporting Grace and Ngao and their Royal Comprehensive School in 2007. The school was thriving, but it was short lived because of the Kenyan election clashes of 2008 that would forever change the school. Their school community was now faced with 25 orphan boarders from the effects of the Civil unrest.


In early 2009, I begin selling a few products that Grace had sent to me in order to raise money for the school. I knew this wasn’t enough and God continued to work on my heart in the area sponsorship. I had inherited some money that year, and although there were some things I wanted, there was nothing I needed. The Lord had prompted me to give the money to Grace and Ngao. My husband wanted me to go and see if the ministry was what she has said it was. So, off I set for Kenya with my oldest daughter and a young photographer, knowing that God was calling me to something bigger. When I arrived, I found that the needs far exceeded what I could have ever imagined. The money that I could have given, though perhaps significant at the time, was similar to using a squirt gun to fight a raging fire of comprehensive need. It would have been consumed and used quickly, but with no lasting impact.

Ngao and Grace
Ngao and Grace

Soon after, my husband encouraged me to come home and to start something bigger. We felt God had been calling us to start a foundation or a nonprofit that would benefit the school. This was forever solidified in our hearts when we met the 16 amazing young ladies and men who were in the eighth grade at the time, sitting for their final high school entrance exam. They had all passed the exam with flying colors, but did not have money to continue onto high school. My husband and I decided these would be our first group of children that we would sponsor. We sponsored eight girls and eight boys. To this day, 11 of them have graduated high school and gone on to college and careers. They are now giving back as productive citizens in Kenya.


When I returned home from my trip in 2009, Grace and Ngao had introduced me to some people who they had known.  I quickly convened with them and realized that they were passionate about the Lord and passionate about helping Grace and Ngao – the unofficial beginning of e3kids International, “e3kids” for short.


e3kids was formed in December 2009 after meeting together with seven amazing individuals who had similar vision for starting an organization that would not only impact kids in Kenya, but also impact children here in the USA.


Since then, it has been an amazing journey watching the school take shape and form into something that is making a forever impact in Kenya, Africa.  It is also amazing to see the lives of children here in the United States change – sharing a greater world through serving others, creating passion around causes including clean water, school sponsorship for orphans; and learning to give to others.


e3kids is approaching its tenth anniversary next year. We have helped hundreds of primary students achieve high school graduation, provided nutritious hot meals, teacher’s pay, tuition, libraries, dorms, technology for e-learning, Science labs, new kitchens, and partnerships for thousands of kids in the schools. Join us in changing the lives of kids in Kenya and now Guatemala!


We exist to change and improve lives through creative, actionable, and proven effective means.  We hope you join us!


Serving with purpose,

Carol Turner
Founder & Executive Director

Love is the reason we do what we do.









Carol Turner

Founder & Executive Director

Carol is the founder of e3kids International and currently works as the Executive Director. Carol’s background in Business, through her degree at Virginia Commonwealth University, gives her the expertise to be able to use her passion for helping those in need. She has financially supported Mikindani Royal Kids School since 2007 and first visited in 2009. E3kids was birthed after seeing the great needs faced by vulnerable children. Being passionate about helping others fuels her passion and gives her vision for connecting people, finding sustainable solutions e3 partners face by empowering people to get involved and make lasting change in the lives of others, especially kids!

Carol’s husband and three daughters are actively involved in e3kids work in Kenya and are passionate about walking with their Kenyan family to bring positive lasting change in the lives of vulnerable children. She is humbled and rejoice greatly that her family’s legacy of living generously and helping others continues in her children both here and in Kenya!

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Rob Turner

Founder & Board Member

Rob is the co-founder and currently a Board member for e3kids. He received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Longwood College with a major in Government and an Education Concentration in 1987. He completed a Master’s of Education degree from VCU in Secondary School Guidance Counseling in 1989. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and runs a private practice. Rob and his wife Carol are passionate about helping educate kids and raising their three daughters to live generously.

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Heather Gilbert

Staff Member & Guatemala Coordinator

Heather was introduced to e3kids in March 2017 at a fundraising event for her Guatemala missionary friends. She was excited about their new partnership with eKids and prayed about getting involved. In July 2017, she began working part-time for e3kids International. Her background in accounting and finance, gives her the expertise to manage all the financial donations, funds, and projects. She also enjoys working at e3kids shows where she can sell artisan made products to benefit the different projects, and talk about the work God is doing in Kenya and Guatemala. In 2018, her passion for Kenyan people increased when she visited the beautiful country for the first time, met the teachers and students, and saw the abundant needs for the school.

Her Love for Christ, background in finance, friendship with the Guatemala missionaries, passion for Kenya, and desire for all kids to receive an education is what fuels her work at e3kids International. She is grateful to have this opportunity to see God working through the generosity of donors to equip, empower, and educate children in developing countries.

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Lena Gonzalez Berrios

Board Member & International Library Lead

Lena is a librarian with a passion for community-building, literacy and education. She is a board member and coordinator of e3kids International library projects, a branch manager for the Central Rappahannock Regional Library, a Rotarian with the North Stafford Rotary Club and a founding board member of the League of Women Voters of the Fredericksburg Area. She is an active member of Cornerstone Church, and assists with youth activities, missions and ESOL. She has been working in literacy and libraries since 1991, and she knows firsthand that libraries transform lives.

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Lisa Batchelder


A heart for missions and helping others was implanted in my heart in the 1987 when I went on my first missions trip. Today, I find great encouragement in helping impact the lives of a new generation. Through my involvement with e3kids we are seeing kids that would otherwise face a bleak future rise to heights that otherwise would be highly improbable.

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Peter A. Poirot

Board Member

Peter is currently on the board of e3kids. He has a MBA from James Madison University, and a BS in Accounting from Bridgewater College. In 1995. As a CPA, Peter became principals in a new firm-Graham & Poirot, in 1996. Graham & Poirot evolved from a firm serving approximately 150 clients, to a firm, which served in excess of 450 individuals and corporate clients. In 2001, Peter assumed the role of principal in charge. Since then the practice has grown to provide business valuations and divorce litigation support.

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Julie Dillenbeck

Board Member & Project Manager

Julie is Project Manager for e3kids and currently a board member. She received a BA in Mathematics with a minor in Education from Messiah College. After graduation, she taught Senior High math and coached the swim team at Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, VA. Leaving the public classroom behind, she received more training with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in England and British Columbia. After almost two years with YWAM, she settled in Harrisonburg, VA and started a children’s ministry with a focus on outreach at her local church. She also began ski instructing. Through ministry opportunities, she has taken children teens into local settings, neighboring states as well as Kenya, Mexico, and India. For the last eight years, Julie has been the Children’s Ski and Snowboard Manager at Massanutten Resort and continues to have a heart to minister to children.

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Julie Jacquez

Guatemala Missions Coordinator

Julie is the Guatemala Missions Coordinator for e3kids. Since she can remember, Julia has had a heart for the world and always enjoyed traveling. God turned that love for travel into a purpose 8 years ago when she went on her first mission trip. She is passionate about equipping and empowering long-term missionaries and showing the love of Jesus to the vulnerable. Julie is committed to encouraging those who are living in severe poverty. She has the desire to show them they are valued and can fulfill the purpose that they were created for. She is dedicated to advocating for the people of Guatemala and developing short-term mission team members to bring aid to those serving daily on the ground. She strongly believes that life transformation begins when tangible needs are met in order to speak spiritual life into others. Her goal is to partner with local communities to raise up leaders in the Kingdom of God. Julie is a wife and a mother of three beautiful children and is finishing up her degree of ministerial leadership.

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