Our Mission

We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. We strive to equip, empower, and educate impoverished youth in developing countries. We believe in the exponential growth that results from investing in individual children and schools. We are committed to investing in the education of children, because once they are empowered and are equipped with the necessary skills, free from the physical and emotional trap of poverty, they will continue to positively impact their communities.

We only partner with schools and education programs started by residents of that community. We believe they best know how to empower their communities. Moreover, their example of service inspires others in their community. Since these resident leaders are our partners, we design our projects only after thorough and regular discussion.

We reject the belief that poverty is merely a lack of physical things. Children can be emotionally impoverished, by believing that they deserve to be where they are and that they cannot escape. We only partner with schools that empower their students by consistently teaching them that each child is uniquely made and has a specific purpose in life. By destroying lies of inadequacy, our children are better equipped to continue to help themselves and others to overcome degrading situations.

Our ultimate goal is to end poverty. And we work towards this by investing in education. The changes we want to see won’t take place for another twenty years. Everything we do is designed around the hope that the students of our partner schools will go on to successful careers, raise happy families, and begin their own projects that will improve their communities.


communities with essential resources


people toward self-development, leadership, and service


kids to overcome extreme poverty

Loving and caring

A note by founder, Carol Turner

I said “yes” to a calling on my life, and it has been a wonderful adventure in trusting God. I am an ordinary person doing extraordinary things!  When God calls, He equips and provides a vision, purpose, and plan. Ultimately, that leads to bringing lasting change. e3kids began with believing in something bigger than myself! God’s plans are much bigger, better, and more amazing than mine could ever be.

Since I was young girl, I was taught to always look for opportunities to spread kindness and generosity to those in need. My father taught me to lead by example — loving and giving along the way. When he saw a void, the solution did not end with simply handing money away. He would sit down, strike up a conversation, and find out what he/she needed in order to get up and move forward in their life — valuing others over one’s self. Today, I lead my family and e3kids with the same philosophy.

When we are faced with an insurmountable need, whether locally or globally, we are called to help others overcome those needs. We are all called to look for opportunities to give; To look for opportunities to be kind; To look for opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. There is no greater joy than to walk with someone who needs help, and see them overcome the obstacles they believed to be insurmountable.

e3kids believes that it’s imperative to look for opportunities to give. But, we must do more than just give —  we must love and care.

That’s why e3kids exists — to love and care — though equipping, empowering, and educating.

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Breaking the cycle of severe poverty begins with kids.

If you have ever met a child that lives in severe poverty, yet longs to receive and education, you’d understand that you can no longer just stop and say, “Well, there are just too many to help.” When you start with one child — at one school — it will change an entire community.

Children are the most vulnerable part of a community. When parents make less than two dollars a day, and have multiple children, it becomes clear that poverty is a state that one is born into. If there is no foreseeable plan of escape, one remains poor, repeating the cycle generation upon generation.

When you invest in one child, and you see that child go through school, complete their education, start a job, and then start educating their other siblings, and raising them out as well. When you raise one child out of poverty, you raise an entire family.

The organization began when Carol Turner, founder of e3kids International, met sixteen kids in Kenya — eight girls and eight boys. They were some of the brightest and most amazing kids she had ever met. Full of resilience, vision, and hope for a brighter future, Carol sought to provide relief for fundamental problems, such as clean water. Then, moved on to vision-mapping a plan to create enrichment amongst communities. Finally, she found that the kids needed an education.

Ultimately, each of these processes, plans, and resources began to break the cycle of severe poverty.


Showering hope and health

After hearing about the need for clean safe water, four U.S. Teenagers banded together to raise $15,000 for a well in the village of Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) in Guatemala. Thinking it would take months to raise that kind of money. They used their voice, visited businesses for donations, and hosted an outdoor movie night to raise $7,500. In addition, a generous donor matched the funds. In a little over a week, they raised the $15,000 needed for the well.

As a result, an entire community was given clean water resulting in immediately better overall population health, more time to invest in life-enriching activities, and hope.

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